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Photography for the fairly small.

Sweet baby feet, scrumptious little lips, wispy baby hair and roly-poly tummies. Toothless grins, silly faces, handstands, wild belly laughs and all sorts of shenanigans. These are the sorts of things that light us up here at Smallish.

Our speciality at Smallish is capturing the childhood essence of your little ones and bundling it up for you into an album or memory box where you can keep it, forever. In all of life, childhood is but a brief—and exceedingly delightful—chapter. The moments pass quickly. We're here to make sure you always remember.




We are Madrona’s local family, children, baby, and pet photography studio.



We create your family heirlooms.

Your session includes the time to plan and photograph your session. After the session, you will be able to view your images and decide what you would like to purchase. You’ll choose from framed wall art, memory boxes, albums, and table art. The amount you choose to invest is completely up to you—you only buy what you love.