Saturday, Nov. 9:
Santa Sessions in Central Seattle

Bring your kiddos to see Santa at Smallish Photo Studio. You’ll be giving them a more fun and memorable Santa visit, and saving yourself the headache of mall parking and long lines. It’s what we call a St. Nick win-win!

Your kiddos will have a full 15 minutes with Santa where they can chat about their holiday wish list, read a book together, and play fun games. We’ll facilitate a mix of classic Santa portraits along with other holiday-themed photos—knitted stockings, fresh wreaths, sleigh bells and mistletoe—to keep the fun rolling while we create the sweetest set of Christmas portraits.


Collections and Pricing

All collections include your Santa visit, plus your choice of digital and printed portrait options. All photos are delivered to you professionally edited.

The “Best of” Collection

Includes the session and the best (5) digital portraits of the session, selected by the photographer. If you’re a photo-lover and know you’re going to want more than just one portrait, this option gives you more digital portraits at a great price. This is a perfect choice for the DIY’er who likes to create their own holiday cards and gifts.


The Custom Collection

Includes the session, a $200 print credit to use toward custom photo products, and a separate ordering appointment. This collection is designed for those who want to choose their favorite portraits from the session, and want to order finished photo products. Smallish offers framed portraits, albums, hand-crafted ornaments, and custom Christmas cards.



Choose your Santa Session from $249.00:



How should I dress my child(ren)?

At Smallish, we love classic colors and neutrals, and solid or simple patterns. Holiday pajamas are perfect for Santa Sessions, too! For tips, Pinterest boards, and recommended retailers, visit our Style Guide. What matters most is that your portrait is a reflection of your kiddo(s)!

Is there an extra charge for more than one child?

No, however, these 15-minute sessions can accommodate up to 3 children. Please book an additional session if more than 3 children will be photographed.

If I have more than one child, will they each be photographed with Santa, or will it be a group photo?

Yes, we’ll get individual photos and group photos!

Can we get a family photo while we’re at it?

These short sessions are designed just for children and Santa. Please contact us to learn more about options for a full family session. We have a limited number of October and November dates available.

Will you just be taking photos with Santa, or will you take others, too?

Santa is what makes these sessions so special, so your 15-minute session will be mostly focused around St. Nick. However, we typically do sneak in a few more classic and simple photos to add a nice variety to your image options.

What are the best ages for the Santa sessions?

We take all the smallish ones, from the wee little ones up to 12 years old!

What happens if my child cries?

Our team understands that a room full of strangers can feel scary sometimes! We have lots of tricks up our sleeves to help your child feel happy and at ease. However, if your child does cry the whole time, we’ll do our best to take an adorable crying-with-Santa photo.

How much should I expect to spend?

If you choose to invest in Collection 3 to create custom gifts, on average, clients spend $500 - $3,000 on custom items such as framed wall prints, custom albums, ornaments and custom holiday cards.

What happens if I’m running late to my appointment?

We will be running a tight ship (or sleigh!), so it’s important to arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment to check in and allow your children to settle into the studio. Your appointment will start at your reserved time and end within fifteen minutes. Due to the busy nature of the day, we cannot guarantee late arrivals.

How and when will I choose my photos?

Collection 1 and Collection 2 include photographer’s choice digital images, so you can leave the hard work up to us!

If you choose to invest in Collection 3, you will come back to Smallish for an ordering appointment within one week of your session. At this appointment, you’ll view a selection of portraits and have the opportunity to purchased custom products and holiday gifts.

Can I place my order online?

To best serve our clients, all orders are placed and picked up at the studio.

What happens if I can’t make my session?

In the event your child is sick or you are not able to make your session, your session fee may be held as studio credit. Please call the studio at 206-779-4656 to let us know if you are unable to make your appointment.