Capture the magic of childhood

Wonder, delight, discovery, play, innocence: for those of us beyond its grasp, we marvel at this phenomenon called childhood. This brief time of life, where humans are so different than they will be for the majority of their lives, is something special. Their funny little ways enchant, and captivate. Their playfulness and energy entertain—and exhaust—us. Their capricious spirits challenge us. Their authenticity inspires. And their ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-learning ways remind us that things change. The moments march on and what we hold today soon becomes part of the fabric of our memories.

These are the things we love at Smallish: your little people and all thing things you love about them. We’re here to capture it all in a way that lets you hold a little piece of all the yesterdays, forever.

Just finished looking at the pictures from our session with my 15 month old son and WOW! Not only is Christina an incredibly talented photographer, her and her team are awesome with little ones too. My son was pretty shy for the shoot and all of their tricks and treats helped him get comfortable so they could capture some great shots. I am very pleased with the whole experience and am looking forward to treasuring our photo for a lifetime. Thank you!
— Sara